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Advanced Materials R&D and Manufacturing, High-Purity Aluminum Nitride Products, thin film coatings

"NGI leverages breakthrough aluminum nitride materials and manufacturing processes to the microelectronics and semiconductor markets, enabling a new generation of solutions for defense applications, safer air & water, energy efficient electric vehicles, more reliable power transmission, higher-speed communications and high-temperature sensors."

Nitride Global Inc., is the leading supplier of high purity Aluminum Nitride (AlN) products for the microelectronics & semiconductor industry and has developed a first-ever composition for ultra-thin, low temperature deposited, Aluminum Oxynitride (AlON) thermal coatings materials. Nitride Global has significant IP in the manufacturing of high-purity AlN materials. We are the only remaining North American-owned/controlled company in this space, providing R&D and manufacturing, in the United States.

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Primary NAICS: 334413 - Semiconductor And Related Device Manufacturing

Secondary NAICS: 541713